Only 11 more days until "The Signature of All Things" is published!

Eleven is a good number. A prime number. Rhymes with "heaven". Is the number of players on the field in cricket, field hockey, soccer and American football. Is the age at which I decided I was going to marry Prince Charles's younger brother Andrew. Is probably about the number of letters I wrote to said Prince, asking him to marry me. Is probably the number of times I wept in my pillow over never receiving a response summoning me to Buckingham Palace to be a child bride.

I don't know how we've drifted into talking about Prince Andrew! He wasn't even good enough for me anyhow! A real player, that guy! I wouldn't marry him now if he asked me ELEVEN TIMES! You would think that, even as a Sixth Grader, I should've been able to see that he wasn't husband material! What was I thinking???

Anyhow, the book's out in 11 days. Do feel free to pre-order it here, if you haven't done so yet:


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