Dear Friends –

Lucky 13, my sweet ones. Only 13 more days until "The Signature of All Things" is published! We have passed the two week mark, officially!

And what better way to celebrate this notable day (the day in which I am quoted on record in the New York Times telling literary elitists to go f**k themselves — so PROUD!) than with a cake dedicated to this slightly devilish, crooked, wicked number? Yes, perfect, indeed!

By the way, if you want to read the article in question, in which I also am on record as somebody who eats for lunch two sides of bacon, three fish tacos, a Snickers bar, and a chocolate cake (again: PROUD) you may click right here:

And if you want to pre-order the novel, you can do it right HERE:

So that is my wicked post, for this great night of the number 13!

(Also: Super cute cake, this one. Adorable. Love it.)

Big kiss and sleep tight,

via Elizabeth Gilbert’s Facebook Wall