Sweet Friends —

You did it. You just made "The Signature of All Things" a New York Times Bestseller!


Next week it will debut at #4 on the Bestseller list.

Which is truly remarkable and absolutely unexpected, for so many reasons.

For one thing, I am not well known as a novelist — and certainly not as a novelist of historical fiction — and so this book was by no means guaranteed to sell widely.

And for another thing, just consider the names of the top three authors on that list:

1- Stephen King
2 – Nicholas Sparks
3 – James Patterson

All heavy hitters. All dudes. All big-time pros. And not one of them wrote a 500 page novel about a 19th-century spinster botanist who spends her entire life studying mosses. You know why they didn't? BECAUSE THAT IS A CRAZY IDEA FOR A BOOK!

Who would buy such a book?

You would, it seems. People said you wouldn't, I must confess. But in my heart, I always thought you just might.

Because I always thought you just might come to love Alma Whittaker as much as I do.

You have made me so grateful, so blessed. I cannot thank you enough. And somewhere in her moss cave in the imaginary sky, Alma is smiling.

So I made you this video (which subscribers to my LizNews Newsletter already saw yesterday) which I hope will convey my joy and excitement. It is worth watching, if only to see my little Brazilian niece, Louisa, who is a beautiful baby and quite fabulous performer.

You are all-stars, you guys. I love the hell out of you.



LizNews Newsletter #13 – You Did It! YOU DID IT!!!! My sweet friends – You just made "The Signature of All Things" a New York Times Bestseller! Next Sunday it wil…

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