I am here! And I promise not to mess with you, on account of always having been told to not mess with Texas. If I'm gonna mess with anyone, it's Oklahoma, right? Just checking! (JUST KIDDING, OKLAHOMA! I'm just kidding. Just trying to get a rise out of the Texans, ok? We're cool, Oklahoma!)

But seriously, Texas, I am here!

I'm in Dallas right now, and will be reading tomorrow (Monday) night at the Highland Park Methodist Church on the very literarily named MOCKINGBIRD Lane! 7pm

Come hang out!

Here are the details:


And here is a terrific Texas review of "The Signature of All Things" that recently ran in the Houston Chronicle…thank you, Houston Chronicle! I also think that YOU are "dazzling"!

Here's the review:


See you tomorrow, beloved Texans!

via Elizabeth Gilbert’s Facebook Wall