My 35th birthday party in Bali. My friend Wayan the healer threw me a little party at her shop. She and her girls dressed me up and put flowers in my hair, and Tutti — who was so little, and who is now a gorgeous and brilliant young woman — wore her very fanciest outfit. Just a few weeks earlier, I had met the wonderful man to whom I am now married. By enlisting the help of friends all over the world, we had just raised enough money for Wayan to buy a house. I'd been on the road for almost a year, and every day had brought me one step closer to the light.

The dog days were over, my friends. The dog days were done.

It's been the happiest decade of my life, since then. Never saw it coming.

Getting older, it turns out, has been the best idea I ever had.


All love,

via Elizabeth Gilbert’s Facebook Wall