#TBT — The London premiere of Eat Pray Love. October 2010.

First of all, I only just found out what "TBT" means. I kept seeing it on people's Facebook pages, and thought it meant "To Be Discussed," which doesn't make any sense at all, Liz, because that would be "TBD" — but I just thought everyone was spelling "D" wrong. Welcome to how my brain works.

Anyhow! I finally looked it up and figured it out! Throw Back Thursdays? That's what it is? That's what the kids are doing these days? How curious!

So here's my #TBT. This is me at the London premiere of the movie Eat Pray Love — and you can see I've really got my red carpet game on. The important thing in such a situation as to walk the carpet like you own it, to strut your stuff for the photographers, to shine for the crowd…or, perhaps, as in this case, to simply hide behind Ryan Murphy and Julia Roberts, because you aren't sure whether you're supposed to be in the picture or not!

It was such a fun night, though the day hadn't started well. I'd been on book tour in Europe for a month and I was sick and exhausted. I'd just flown in that morning from Germany, and my flight had been delayed, and I'd arrived in London looking and feeling like I'd spent the last few nights sleeping on a park bench. But my friend Rayya flew in from New York to meet me in London, carrying my dress and my fancy shoes with her, and she spent the whole afternoon patching me up — making me take a nap, ordering me scones and clotted cream, fixing my hair, doing my makeup, making me laugh, and slowly transforming me into someone who was, finally, ready to hide behind Julia Roberts. We had an absolute ball…it was truly one of the happiest and most glamorous nights of my life.

And that is today's episode of TO BE DISCUSSED!


via Elizabeth Gilbert’s Facebook Wall