#TBT – Roger the dog!

I've been looking for this photo for a while, and here — I found it!

This is me, in Bali, with the original Roger.

Roger was a little street mutt who belonged to my husband's neighbor in Ubud. (It was one of those situations where a dog wanders in one day and announces, "I live here now.") Roger's actual name was "Raja", but my husband misunderstood it — and then we just stuck with Roger, because it was funnier.

He was a great dog, and a ridiculous guy, that Roger. He liked to press his head against your shins and just sort of rest there. He was proud. He had an air of dignified tragedy about him. He was all messed up from years of street fights and general hard living. He made horrible, comic keening noises when he slept. He was terribly attached to my husband, who shared meals with him. And yes…he would only bite you if you tried to feed him.

Of course he was the basis for the character of Roger the dog in THE SIGNATURE OF ALL THINGS…but some of you very sharp and clever readers have also noticed that he appears in my book COMMITTED, as well.

Twice immortalized, that dear Roger! He was worth it.

Happy day,

via Elizabeth Gilbert’s Facebook Wall