#TBT…on the road again (or, at least, on the boat.)

Some of you may remember that just last week I discovered what #TBT means. (Hint to self: It does NOT mean, "TO BE DISCUSSED", but misspelled.)

So here's a throwback — this is me in 2004, in Bali, when I was on my EAT PRAY LOVE journey. My friend Yude the musician took this picture when we went on our road trip together. We were on a boat heading out to the island of Nusa Penida for a few days of…well, I don't know what, exactly. Being there, I guess. I don't remember a single productive thing we did, except that it was pretty and we laughed a lot.

People often ask me how Yude is doing, so I'm also including a photo from about 2012, when I was back in Bali and got to see him again. He never did make it back to America, but he's doing really well in Bali, and in fact has started a business making and selling these wonderful small travel guitars, which he calls the YUDELELE. (If you want to see information on that product, and see videos of Yude playing and singing, you can go here: https://bit.ly/1oGqZxD)

So that's my throwback of the day…a toast to a dear old friend, and happy memories from a sweet and wandering road trip, during a moment in my life when (decidedly unlike today, for instance!) I had nothing on my list to do, no chores, no duties…just all the hours in the world, and a laughing, singing traveling companion.



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