Such a CUTE Happiness Jar!

Dear Liz .. Your 'JAR OF HAPPINESS' is a life saviour .. day saviour .. sadness saviour .. happiness saviour and so much more .. I love how you said that even in a sad day, there are moments of happiness .. I shared your post yesterday because something really wonderful happened and I was soooo happy (and I was going to get the jar), but life's a balance huh and because we're always trying to strike that balance, subconsciously maybe my balloon crashed boomed BANGED today .. but I reminded myself of what you said .. and RAN out to get my own 'HJ' (HAPPY Jar) .. and this was what I could get .. this will do for now .. FYI the green/yellow shrubby thingy is to remind me of my beautiful trip to UK last year (rapeseed fields) 🙂 .. THANK YOU LIZ!!!

via Elizabeth Gilbert’s Facebook Wall