A friend of this page made this for me, and it's so lovely.

Those of you who follow this page have heard me use the term "stubborn gladness" before. I took it from my favorite poem, by the poet Jack Gilbert, where he says, "We must have the stubbornness to accept our gladness in the ruthless furnace of this world."

I love the term "stubborn gladness". It is my mantra. I am seriously thinking of getting it tattooed somewhere on my arm, in small, block letters, so I can be reminded always of my ultimate goal in life.

Stubborn gladness is different from mere happiness. Happiness is easy — when it's there, that is. Happiness comes upon you, often out of nowhere. Happiness is airy, fresh, simple. Happiness comes and goes on its own schedule.

Stubborn gladness, on the other hand, is my daily work. It is my prayer. It is a decision. It is a choice. It belongs to me. It is in my hands. It is the most important work — the most important choice — of my life.

Because I am not always bubbling over with happiness, you see. Not every day is a terrific day for me. My mind is not always quiet. I am not always certain of my decisions. I am not always full of faith. I am not always super-proud of my behavior. I am not always super-psyched about the behavior of other people.

But I can tell you this: Every single blessed day of my life, I fight my way back toward the light with stubborn gladness.

Stubborn gladness just to be here.

Stubborn gladness just to have been given another chance at grace.

Every. Single. Blessed. Day.


via Elizabeth Gilbert’s Facebook Wall