Here is the best one ever. For here is the great and powerful writer Ms. Edith Wharton, photographed in Newport, Rhode Island in 1889, with not one but TWO little dogs perched upon her shoulders.

And all this in the days before photoshop, people!

This is really making me reconsider our recent collective choice of my author photo, after all. I was happy with mine till I saw THIS.

So what do you all think? Shall I re-stage my author photo? Shall I try to out-compete Edith herself? Shall I stick my little dog Rocky on one shoulder, perch my fattest cat Clifford on the other shoulder, and cram my other cats Millie and Zipper (who totally hate each other) together into my lap? Nothing could establish me faster as an author of serious repute, right? There may be some lacerations, of course, and even a possible hospitalization, but just think of the end result…

I'm comin' after you, WHARTON!

Much love to you all,

via Elizabeth Gilbert’s Facebook Wall