Some love from Lithuania….

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Hey, Liz!

I've been travelling in Germany and somehow in a little Frankfurt's bookstore I found this "Eat pray love", which cost only 3 euros! It would be a complete sin not to buy this, so of course I did it. Few years ago I've read this amazing book in Lithuanian, but now, having read this in original language, I must admit that everything sounds much better in English. I've been giggling many times (and catching suspicious views in airports, cafes, buses or trains), sometimes I used to burst into tears or just feel like I REALLY understand what you mean.

Thank You and thank God and everything for this amazing story. It has kind of inspired me to carry on on my travels (which only begin), to carry on searching for 'everything' (this word – everything – describes so perfectly that something, what soul really seeks for) and has reminded, that all the beautiful things happen when you really are open to them.

It inspired me to carry on writing my own lifestory (each lifestory is amazing, isn't it?), to concentrate on this moment of life, to enjoy it, and to take myself as I am (and others, too), to simply… Relax and let it flow.

Thanks for sharing all those moments!

Wish You all the best,
greetings from Lithuania (haven't You been there yet?)


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