SOLIVTUR AMBULANDO… ("In walking, it is solved.")

Dear friends —

I had a bad day yesterday. Because: LIFE. I won't bore you with details, but just to say — it was one of those days where you don't so much feel run down, as much as RUN OVER.

All I wanted to do was pull down the shades and stay in bed, ruminating over how unfair it all is.

But I have a dog. And a dog needs a walk. Several walks a day, in the case of this dog.

So I reluctantly put on my boots and scarf, and took him out. Oblivious to my cares, he, of course, was having a ball, though I was still brooding, ruminating, worrying, and practicing the self-righteous and indignant speech somebody has coming to them. (I know you've never done THAT.)

Then we rounded a bend on the path and the landscape opened up and I saw THIS.

Good god, people, this is where I live.

This is my hometown.

This is what is around me — light, water, air, beauty.

This is the river that I can watch all day long, if only I look.

I had meant it to be a short walk — as short as I could possibly get away with, without feeling like a bad mother to Rocky — but this vista opened up my heart, my mind and my legs…and so we just kept going. Feeling better with every step.

SOLVITOR AMBULANDO, said the ancients.

In walking, all is solved.

Gonna go take another long ramble this morning.

On your feet, soldiers! Let us all stay on our feet, forward and upward — not inward and downward.

Let's all go outside today.

Shake it off, whatever needs off-shaking…


via Elizabeth Gilbert’s Facebook Wall