SOAT in Australia, at the landing spot of Captain Cook himself!

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Dear Liz. I live in Gladstone, small town in Queensland, Australia just 1 hour drive from beautiful places : Agnes water and 1770 where Captain Cook first landed in Australia in 1770.
this photo was taken by my husband 1 week ago when we went there to swim and show the place to our visitors. I took the gorgeous Signature of all things with my self to read in few moments that I had the chance .( at the beach, in the car,..)and yes this is the spot that Captain Cook arrived and this is the simple, modest memorial monument for him. I had visited this place few times before but never had the meanings and feelings as it had for me atlthis time..thanks for sharing wisdom, passion,and your knowledge with us through a stunning, rich,precious novel. I finished the book and love Alma.

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