OK, watch this very short video closely, to see the shark I was paddling with in the mangroves of the Great Barrier Reef. I'm the one in the orange hat, pointing. (What you can't hear is me shouting: SHARK! SHARK! SHARK!) If you look carefully, you'll see the shark zip by.

It was pretty incredible.

I think only two weeks ago on this very page I mentioned my fear of sharks. People, I gotta tell you — this creature was so exquisite, so elegant, so sublime. In the moment, it never occurred to me to be afraid. Only in awe of creation, and all its magnificent arrangements.

Also, a shark sighting is a very good incentive to not fall off your paddle board …


OK, flying home to New Jersey now. No more sharks.


Aug 10, 2013 5:24pm

via Elizabeth Gilbert’s Facebook Wall