Hey everyone…if you can happen to make it to Frenchtown NJ the last two weeks of January, don't miss our BIG & HEAVY THINGS sale at the imports store, Two Buttons, that I run with my husband — that Brazilian guy.

Here's a link if you've never heard of the store, which is pretty awesome:

Need something big and heavy? Man, have we got it! (Little sparkly things, too! And, of course, free wine and popcorn, as always!)

Big love

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First time ever…BIG & HEAVY THINGS SALE – 30 % off

Here at Two Buttons, we need to clear out some serious space in the shop for all the new goods arriving!

Thus, we are having our FIRST EVER sale of BIG AND HEAVY THINGS only!

January 15 – 31, ALL big and heavy items in the store (furniture, mirror, statues) will be 30% off!

(If you ask the boys nicely, they may even bring to the secret back warehouse, to show you more BIG & HEAVY THINGS!)

30 % off, guys! That's a lot of saving per pound!

Bring a truck (or borrow a friend's truck) and come stock up on BIG & HEAVY THINGS!!!

♡The Buttons
It's a colorful and happy day in Frenchtown!

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