Rest in peace, Ricky.

Today I was honored to be with my friend Rayya when we helped her friend Ricky take his last walk home.

There are dogs, and then there are wonderful dogs, and then there are epic dogs, and then there was Ricky. He was one of the greats, you guys. A dear love, a goofy pickle, a cow-faced monkey butt. A heroic friend.

The best teacher I ever met once told me that the last gift your dog will ever offer you is to teach you, by brave example, how to die gracefully. Because we humans die so badly, but dogs do it so well. When it's time for a dog to go, he simply goes. No drama. No fuss. No regrets. Just grace. Then there is nothing left for us to do except hold him as he passes and commence to loving him forever in memory.

Sweet boy, goodbye. We will miss you. You did good.

And sweet Rayya, sleep tight. We love you,

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