Hey guys!

Somebody (very politely) questioned me on this Facebook page yesterday about my use of the word "heroine" to describe Alma Whittaker, the main character of my new novel. This person seemed concerned that perhaps the word "heroine" is archaic and subtly demeaning to women, in the manner of "stewardess" vs. "flight attendant", or "lady doctor" vs. simply "doctor". This person questioned whether perhaps can we just call Alma Whittaker the "hero" of the book?

I have some thoughts on this, but I wanted to hear what you guys think first.

Oh! Also, on the same subject, somebody just the other day questioned my use of the word "guys" when I talk to you guys sometimes. Again, bringing up the point that it may somehow be subtly demeaning to women.

So, to put it simply, How do you guys feel about me calling Alma Whittaker a heroine? How do you heroines out there feel about me sometimes calling you guys?

Please discuss! I'm truly curious how this sort of thing strikes everyone. I shall share my thoughts on the matter later…

Till then, don't forget to vote!

Love you guys/ladies/dudes/heroes/heroines/people.


via Elizabeth Gilbert’s Facebook Wall