Dear Ones –

Oh, how I wish you ALL could have been in Detroit on Thursday night for my event with my friend Rayya Elias, author of the new memoir "Harley Loco".


I have never in my life seen an audience react with such open-hearted and collective emotion as I saw that night. It was holy and beautiful, folks, for real. It's also the first time I've ever found myself openly crying on stage. It was just that kind of night…everyone was busted wide open by Rayya's wonderful, real and generous heart.

As Rayya told stories of her drug addiction and recovery, the audience brought forth their own questions and yearnings and fears. Somebody asked Rayya how she had managed escaped her drug addiction, when so many others cannot, and Rayya replied, "Because my family never gave up on me — especially my older sister, Maha." She went on to clarify that Maha had not ENABLED the drug use (she cut Rayya off from all money, for instance, years before Rayya finally kicked heroin) but that her sister had always believed in her, always loved her, always tried to help, never cut her off emotionally.

When Rayya asked Maha why she never gave up on her, Maha said, "Because when I was little girl I prayed for a baby sister. And when my prayers were answered and you arrived, I promised that I would always take care of you. Because that's what you have to do when your prayers are answered; you have to take responsibility."

Well, that's when I started crying.

Maha's words also made me have to ask myself: Am I taking care of my answered prayers? Have I ever asked for anything and received it, only to then take it for granted or disregard it?

I made a list — of all that I have ever directly asked for and been given. It's a short but powerful list. I will keep it always, and remember that I should not merely be grateful for having been blessed; I should also be taking stewardship every single day over the items on that list. Because that's my side of the divine bargain.

So what about you all? Are you tending to your blessings? What are your answered prayers, and what is your role in their stewardship? Curious to know how this idea strikes you…

Much love,

via Elizabeth Gilbert’s Facebook Wall