PURE INSPIRING GORGEOUSNESS…and for under a dollar!

Dear ones, here is something wonderful.

My friend Irene O'Garden (a beautiful author, playwright, poet and artist) has just published online the most magnificent and explosive poetic utterance of gratitude — a stunning prayer of a poem (or poem of a prayer?) called "Glad to be Human."

It's a sort of breathless list of gratitudes, with lines like this:

"Glad to be human—for solitude and to be able to be a stranger—a gift of the 21st century, like speed and music anytime and feast upon feast of stories anytime. Glad to be human for late nights, talk and art and sex and loving and all different languages; glad to be human for words themselves, peculiar to us as paper to the wasp, as leaf to tree or song to bird—words, as human as a measured square."

I love this piece of work so much. It was also a winner of the 2012 Pushcart Prize, and is now available to download in its completion for a mere 69 cents.

69 cents for that kind of inspiration?! People! You can't afford NOT to own this poem!

I heartily recommend downloading "Glad to be Human", memorizing it, reading it with a friend, delivering it as a monologue to the universe, shouting it at the top of your lungs. IT'S SO GREAT.

And please tell me, all of you: Why are you glad to be human?

As for me, I'm glad to be human so I can participate in the fire in the sky that is God, the fire in the heart that is love, the fire in the belly that is creativity.

What is your gladness?

Do share!

Big kiss,

via Elizabeth Gilbert’s Facebook Wall