Prayer of the day…

Dear Ones — I wanted to share this with you. A beautiful sort of prayer, by the philosopher Rudolph Steiner. I have always loved this one because of the second to last line: "My life will become more burdensome to me." It seems so contrary, doesn't it? It feels like, when you come into truth with your fate, your star and your aims that your life should feel LESS burdensome. But I think what he means (and I have found this to be true) that it is sometimes more difficult to FEEL than to not feel. Easier in a way to be closed off and in denial, than to seek your truth and maybe open yourself to oain. But that's a burden I welcome…to be alive instead of numb, and to genuinely allow myself to feel the beautiful and sad and complete weight of living. That is the fullest richness you can imagine — to feel everything. Bring it, I say.

Anyway, here it is…and let me know if you interpret it differently:

"I feel my fate
My fate finds me
I feel my star
My star finds me
I feel my aims
My aims find me
My soul and the world are one.

Life will be clearer around me
Life will be more burdensome for me
Life will be richer for me."

Rudolph Steiner

via Elizabeth Gilbert’s Facebook Wall