Poem of the day: THE SKY GAVE ME ITS HEART

I wanted to wish you all a beautiful (and, if you should happen need it, HEALING) week to come. These are the words of Rabia of Basra — an 8th Century female Islamic saint of the Sufi tradition. I remember leaning hard on this poem back in the bad old days, when times were tough. I hope it brings you all some comfort.


The sky gave me its heart
because it knew mine was not large enough to care
for the earth the way it did.

Why is it we think of God so much?
Why is there so much talk about love?

When an animal is wounded
no one has to tell it, "You need to heal";
so naturally it will nurse itself the best it can.

My eye kept telling me, "Something is missing from
all I see."
So I went in such of the cure.

The cure for it was His Beauty.
The remedy, for me, was to love.

—Rabia of Hasra (translation by Daniel Ladinsky)

via Elizabeth Gilbert’s Facebook Wall