Our Jane Eyre Book Club, Part Two –

OK, everyone, we are doing this! Looks like a lot of you are going to join me in reading Jane Eyre, which makes me most delighted.

Here is my thought…why don't we all go off and bury our heads in the novel and go about our lives in the meanwhile and then reconvene here on Saturday June 8th (what I am now calling JANE EYRE DAY) to discuss the book for the whole day on this page?

Sounds good?

Bring your observations, your delights, your bits of literary history, your questions, your chilblains (I am deep enough into the story already that I see poor Jane suffers quite frequently from chilblains, poor dear)…it'll be a great crashing spot of fun! And as for those of you clever souls who have read and loved Jane Eyre many times, do please join in the discussion, to welcome us neophytes and set us straight.


PS — thank you so much to Sophie Khan, for her heroic efforts to gather this impromptu book club even closer together, and thank you also to Angela Jessie Nix for introducing me to the terrific concept of "Team Edward (Rochester)." And thank you to everyone who eased my shame by admitting that you, too, have never read Jane Eyre. You guys are all great. Let's DO this!

Mark it in your hornbooks (or whatever) — JUNE 8th!

I remain your humble servant,

via Elizabeth Gilbert’s Facebook Wall