OPEN HOUSE THIS SUNDAY (June 1) between 12 – 1:30pm!

Anybody wanna buy my house?

It's niiiiiiiice….


If you're interested, contact my friend Rayya Elias to schedule a viewing. Here's her email address:

Otherwise, just enjoy this dorky video tour I made of my home!!

Onward to the next chapter I go! I've loved living in this place so much. But my favorite house is always the next one!


Eat, Pray, Crib | Buy author Elizabeth Gilbert's beautiful home. |
Dear Ones — I’m selling my beautiful perfect house. Why? Because I’m a restless person and I need to move all the time. It’s time to move, then! Otherwise, there is no sane reason to sell this exquisite and lovingly renovated “four-over-four” Italianate Victorian house that was built in 1869 by the…

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