Hi friends —

Do you all know about One Story Magazine? It's such a great and smart little treat for readers. My friends Hannah Tinti and Maribeth Batcha founded it several years ago. Once a month, One Story publishes…well…one story! One VERY GOOD short story, or an excerpt from a new novel. It's such a nice thing to have this cool little booklet slide into your house every month, and to be able to explore the work of surprising new writers or long-time favorite ones. The magazine only publish each author once, so you'll always be treated to something fresh and inventive — along with links for author interviews, as well.

It is a simple, intelligent and fabulous operation.

And this month, they have published as a stand-alone story Chapter Five of my new novel "The Signature of All Things", which delights me because I've wanted to work with One Story for years.


Anyhow, if anyone wants to subscribe to this great independent magazine, you can find all the information right here:

They also run really terrific writing workshops, by the way!

A toast to the joys of reading and writing.


via Elizabeth Gilbert’s Facebook Wall