OH GOD…here's one from the vaults!

A friend of this page just dug up these very incriminating photos and sent them along…

More than a decade ago, when I was still a staff writer for GQ magazine, I wrote a story about the week I spent disguised as a man, wandering around the streets of NYC, trying to see how the other 50.2% live.

My guy name was "Luke Gilbert"…and there I am (in a haircut that my friend Rayya gave me, and in a photo by the great Mary Ellen Mark.)

It was a rather interesting week, needless to say. I didn't love being a man (I felt emotionally and physically locked up in my fake maleness) but I did love the experience, and I LOVED when the guy at the Air Force recruiting station in the center of Times Square told me to enlist so I could become a fighter pilot "punch some holes in the sky, dude!"

Sadly, I can't find the actual article anywhere online, but I can tell you that during that entire week I did sport, in my pants, a condom stuffed with birdseed, in order to give me the appropriate…er…HEFT.

Also, I braved the men's room at Shea Stadium during a ball game, and never got caught.

Ah, youth….

Lots of love,

via Elizabeth Gilbert’s Facebook Wall