Here's a fun game: See if you can spot the author in this photo of the oldest museum in the world!

Tonight I got to do an event in Haarlem, The Netherlands, at the jewel-like Teylers Museum — the oldest museum in the world, founded in the late 18th century (appropriately enough, for "The Signature of All Things") as a monument to enlightenment advances in science the arts.

The whole museum is like one giant and perfectly preserved cabinet of curiosities.

Alma would have loved this place. In fact, I like to think that — during her older years in Holland — Alma would often have come here for lectures.

The curators let me wander around the building after hours, in the near-dark, in awe of exhibits that seem untouched since 1778.

Ghosts and marvels of Natural Philosophy everywhere…

How did any one person ever get so lucky?

Thank you, Haarlem!


via Elizabeth Gilbert’s Facebook Wall