Dearest residents of the British Isles —

Kindly do come see me in October, when I shall come to your fair land!

I will be speaking about my new book "The Signature of All Things" on several occasions and in several locations across the UK…

October 22, I will be in conversation with my beautiful and glamorous British editor Alexandra Pringles at the Bloomsbury offices in London.

October 23, I will speak in Dublin at the Liberty Hall Theater.

October 24, I will speak in Manchester, at The Portico Library.

And October 25, I will speak in London at the Southbank Centre in London, in an event presented with Glamour Magazine.

ALL ticket links and information can be found here, on the events page of my website, along with all my travels across the USA this autumn, and Europe:

New events are being added all the time (coming up: Amsterdam, Paris, Oslo, Italy, Brazil and Slovenia!) so keep your eyes on that page.

Meanwhile, enjoy the beautiful British cover of the novel, in all its emerald glory…


via Elizabeth Gilbert’s Facebook Wall