Hello friends — I've been showing my book trailer every Monday (and I'm about to show it again) but I also wanted to share this video, made by a young man named Luke Rudowski. I met Luke yesterday (he was helping my friend Dave shoot a video for my newsletter) and he pointed me toward this work of his — a small film he made when he was at a deep and low point of despair in his life. He was telling me how the mere act of making this film, of approaching strangers and asking them such questions as "Are you more guided by fear or love?" and "What is meaning of life?" brought him out of his darkness, and once again into connection with humanity.

There's a moment in this video, toward the end, where a man says, "If you can't help people, at least don't hurt them," which is one of the best things I've heard in a very long while.

So here it is, in honor of Movie Monday, and of striving toward the light in general:


Just Keep Going, You Got Nothing To Lose
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