MOVIE MONDAY…and I didn't forget!

Hi dearests…

A few years ago, people in the publishing world started talking about "book trailers" (short films made to publicize new books — not unlike movie trailers) and I was like, "Well, THAT is a terrible idea that will never take off, and which I can never imagine doing…"

So, yeah, here's my book trailer.



But I do hope you will enjoy my book trailer for "The Signature of All Things", for it is awfully pretty and was quite fun to make, and it was filmed on location at a beautiful and crumbling 18th century estate called Woodlands (in Philadelphia) which was the actual inspiration for the estate in my novel.

So come take a walk with me, shall we?

AND IF YOU WANT TO PRE-ORDER THE BOOK, you may do so right here:

Blessings and love,


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