More photos from Adelaide!

Photos of Elizabeth Gilbert
Hi Elizabeth (I really should say “G’day Elizabeth” seeing as though we are now both in Australia, shouldn’t I?).

I’d just like to thank you for visiting my hometown of little ole’ Adelaide for Writers' Week over the weekend and today. I feel so very blessed and fortunate to have met you twice in the past 48 hours, particularly after narrowly missing one of your book readings in New York last year by a matter of two weeks (I was devastated!). I’m still pinching myself, and smiling like a Cheshire Cat at my work desk…did this really happen? 😀

You are a truly beautiful, inspirational person. Your words, your ideas, and sharing you experiences, have completely changed my life for the better. “Eat, Pray, Love” opened my eyes to life, to travel (I am now completely addicted), and best of all; to happiness; something that at the time of first reading, was a rarity to me. The book has been a bible to life, a constant companion, and it is always packed safely into my suitcase wherever I go (I even recall reading it in Rome over some gelato, looking up behind me, and seeing 4 billboards in a row advertising the movie which was coming out a couple of months later – it gave me a giggle). I continue to use my Happiness Jar on a daily basis – what a brilliant idea – it’s so important to recognise that happiness is around us, no matter how great or small. The experience of meeting you has definitely appeared on a piece of paper in that jar! 🙂

I hope that you have a wonderful time during the rest of your visit down under – and that the sun continues to shine for you.

Thank you so much for continuously putting a smile on my face (my cheeks actually hurt from smiling on Saturday afternoon – I believe that I was even smiling in my liver :)) – in person, and simply through your magical words. Thank you once again for taking the time of day to sign books, pose for photographs, and have a chat with all of your Australian readers. I hope that we meet again throughout our travels of the world.

Continue spreading light into everything you do, and everywhere you go. You’re truly phenomenal.

Much love, Chloe xx <3

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