I want to thank everyone who alerted me to this great picture, attached below…hilarious.

And I also thank you for reminding me of the great heroines of children's literature: Not just Alice, Dorothy, Pippi and Nancy Drew, but also Jo from Little Women, and Anne from Anne of Green Gables, and the sisters from Narnia, and Ramona the Pest. And how can we forget the brave and high-acheiving Hermione?

In any case, I think you Alice lovers gave me my answer to what you see in her: You folks actually LIKE the trippy-freaky hallucinogenic world of Wonderland! It stirs your imagination, because, at your essence, you are rabbit hole people! You like going down that rabbit hole and having everything turned upside down! You dig a little bit of chaos in the mix.

See, I am not a rabbit hole person. I have far too deep a craving for order. (In this regard, I am a nerdy blend of Hermione and Nancy Drew.) All the proverbial and hypothetical rabbit holes of the universe scare me to death.

Maybe I need to examine this…

Tell me more about your favorite childhood books! I could talk about this ALL DAY. And what are you reading your kids, if you have them.

Children's literature = The Best.


via Elizabeth Gilbert’s Facebook Wall