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Longtime followers of this page have heard me sing the praises of the American midwife and activist Robin Lim, whom I met in Bali years ago at her natural birth center. She is one of the most brave, compassionate and remarkable women I have ever met (and I am not alone in my admiration of her: CNN recently named her HERO OF THE YEAR for her tireless global work on behalf of the health of mothers and babies.)

Robin is currently in the Philippines, working to protect some of the most vulnerable people in the world right now — the pregnant women, nursing mothers, and newborn infants who have endured the trauma and horrors of the recent Typhoon.

She sent me this photo yesterday, and the letter below.

If you are looking for a way to help, or want to make a Christmas offering, I can't urge you strongly enough to help Robin's foundation in its efforts to save women and babies in one of the most suffering places on earth at the moment.

Here is her letter, and the donation information:

"Dear Liz: I am currently doing disaster relief for the survivors of Typhoon Yolanda/Haiyan. It's rough here… as bad as the Tsunami, but many many more hungry, homeless, thirsty people. I am in and out of Tacloban, most of the dead are buried now, but not all. The burning of garbage, in an attempt by Filipinos to clean up the huge mess, makes air quality most of the time, unbearable. But even now, less than a month after disaster struck, and stripped the coastal areas and the mountains of all foliage, even bent and broken trees are popping out tiny green leaves. And hopping from broken electric cable to bent branch a tiny bird, a survivor was singing.
Mostly I run around trying to find food liaisons for the midwives to feed the mothers and children. Wanted to share with you a photo I took on my phone: A breastfeeding mom in the street, because there is just nowhere else cleared yet, the city is twisted iron and busted up cement, broken dreams of people who lived their lives quite simply in these fishing villages. No homes, no boats…But here a baby nurses, a toddler shows signs of malnutrition, while the big brother stays happy. Please post this photo, as it says so much about Love and Hope, in the center of Suffering… Love still keeps us Human!

If your Family of Fans want to give to the Philippines, there are a couple of ways to give to Bumi Sehat/Wadah Foundation Philippine Disaster Relief:

We have made a brief post on the website regarding donations for Philippines, linking from the home page:

to this page:


Love, Ibu Robin"

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