Last night I had the honor of speaking at a fundraiser in Laredo Texas for the Casa de Misericordia shelter for women and children who are victims of domestic violence.

For those of us who live our lives free from fear, let us be profoundly grateful. And by all means, if we are lucky enough to be free and strong, please let us never forget to give our time and money to help the women in our communities who are not so safe.

For anyone out there right now who is afraid in her own home, afraid of her husband or partner, afraid for her children, afraid for her safety…our hearts and prayers are with you.

If you are being humiliated, controlled, insulted, coerced, minimized, intimidated by the person who is supposed to love you…our hearts and prayers are with you.

I beg you to (carefully, and with a plan in place) seek help and break free. There are people in your community who can assist you. You do not need to live this way forever and you do not deserve it. I met women last night whose lives, only a few years ago, were living nightmares, and who have come through safely on the other side and now live with dignity. It can be done.

Please find help. Please be careful.


via Elizabeth Gilbert’s Facebook Wall