JANE EYRE BOOK CLUB…a wonderful idea!

A follower of this page named Zoë Muntaner (who has the same ë in her name as Charlotte Brontë, by the way) has just posted on my wall a great suggestion.

On Saturday June 8, when we will all be meeting on this page to discuss Jane Eyre, she suggests people organize some actual in-person book clubs in their homes or local libraries/bookstores, as well. She has been kind enough to offer up her home in Santa Monica for one such rendezvous, and welcomes people to Skype in to join the discussion, too…and also promises a walk on the beach, after!

Very sweet, and sounds fun. If anyone else wants to turn this virtual book club into a physical book club, feel free!

And I will meet you all back here on June 8th (or. as I call it, JANE 8th) to begin the discussion.

On that day, in homage to the great Miss Charlotte, I shall be spelling my name this way:

Ëlizabëth Gilbërt.


via Elizabeth Gilbert’s Facebook Wall