I scrawled this little diagram on a piece of hotel stationery in Michigan last weekend, after Oprah's event.

This is a piece of simple wisdom that I picked up from Iyanla Vanzant's speech. She said that — in order to live a life of integrity — we must be certain that our minds, our hearts, and our voices are all saying the same thing at the same time.

She explained that, most of the time, we go through life with our mind saying one thing, our heart saying something else, and our voice saying something else altogether…"and then we get upset when people treat us like we're crazy!"

But of course it can only end in craziness, if these three points of the essential triangle aren't aligned.

Mind, heart, voice: All saying the same thing. Speaking in one united truth, no matter how difficult it might sometimes be to articulate. Gotta do it.

This is a good aspiration for me.

Gonna keep this little note forever.


via Elizabeth Gilbert’s Facebook Wall