INSPIRATION…and a book recommendation.

Dear Ones —

I wanted to share this story about David Menasche, a passionate and gifted English teacher who — after he was diagnosed with brain cancer — set out on a road trip across America to visit as many of his former students as he could, to see if he had made an impact in their lives.

He wrote a book about his journey, called "The Priority List", which I highly recommend (there's a quote from me on the cover) because I found it so beautiful and moving. You can see the book here:

My favorite line of David's is this: "I wasn't afraid to die. I was afraid of living without a purpose."



Dying English teacher travels the nation to meet former students
English teacher, David Menasche was robbed of his memories by terminal brain cancer and decided to seize each day left to him the best way he knew how – by traveling the country to visit his favorite former students and ask them what impact he made to their lives.

via Elizabeth Gilbert’s Facebook Wall