In the book signing line tonight in Sydney with my pal Rayya Elias! What a great night! Thank you, Australia!

Photos of Elizabeth Gilbert
With a queue that long I knew I wouldn't get a picture with you, but I did get to take a picture of you and your lovely friend Rayya. (And your very cute and feisty publist, Brendan!)

I arrived 10 minutes late because I was breaking the Baha'i fast at sunset with my fantastic Aussie mates, but I am SO HAPPY I came to listen to you give such a poignant talk!

I especially like the last question from the Q&A about women. We have to stop getting in our own way. We need to be open to the possibilities and not beat ourselves up about being prefect, or creating perfection. We are human beings, creations of the Perfection and we should strive to do our best and follow our hearts and true Self!

You are one of the most beautiful souls I have had the pleasure of meeting, twice now. Lucky me!! Here's to manifesting out next encounter…ONWARD indeed! Zyna

via Elizabeth Gilbert’s Facebook Wall