For those of you who have read "The Signature of All Things", let us collectively bow today to the memory of the great Alfred Russel Wallace, who died 100 years ago today.

I fell so deeply in love with him during the reaserch of my novel that I had to twist and turn around the plot, such that he could show up in my story. I needed for Alma and Alfred to know each other, to spend time together. I cried while I was writing their final scene.

He was a scientist of magnificent heart and mind, of crazy imagination, of compassionate soul.

And I would love it if you could all watch this short but BEAUTIFUL animated, paper-puppet little movie about his life.

It made me cry again.

Thank you, A. R. Wallace!

Liz and Alma

Video: The Animated Life of A. R. Wallace
This paper-puppet animation celebrates the life of Alfred Russel Wallace, who is co-credited with Charles Darwin for the theory of natural selection.

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