Dear Ones —

I'm setting off for the next stop on Oprah's The Life You Want Tour — Newark! Practically my own hometown! I can almost walk to the arena!


(A photo of my Newark dress is coming tomorrow morning, by the way, dear ones…wait for it, it's gonna be sweet!)

I can't wait to see what I learn this weekend. When I'm not having my moment on stage, I'll be right down there in the front row again, notebook in hand, writing down all that the wisdom I can from these great teachers and from this passionate audience.

And I'm not the only speaker at this event who leans in hard to listen to the others, and who views these weekends as a chance to learn and to grow. Here's a photo I snapped last week of my fellow Trailblazer, the Pastor Rob Bell, in rapt attention as Oprah was talking about her life's journey.

Look at the focus in his face. That's how you conduct yourself as a student at the feet of a master. ("I never get tired of it," he told me later. Yup. Me, neither.)

I also wanted to share with you something Rob said last weekend, in answer to a question a woman asked him, about how to handle her friends and family who are resistant to her spiritual and emotional evolution in life. Rob said (and do lean in, everyone):

"If people love you, they want you to grow. If people don't want you to grow, then you can call the feelings that they have for you by many names. But you can't call it love."


via Elizabeth Gilbert’s Facebook Wall