I met Emily on Wednesday at a charity event in New Jersey. She'd driven 5 hours that day to come! I'm so glad she did, and that I got to meet her. I loved hearing Emily's story of how she's completely changed her life in the last few years — how she has steadily left behind an existence that was deadening and unfulfilling (quitting a numbing job along the way, for instance, and trading it in for more passionate work) until at last she has been able to create a life that is truly modeled in her own image. This kind of stuff always makes me cry. There is no story in the world that I love hearing more than the story of a human being ceasing to negate herself, and stubbornly beginning to walk her own true path. Emily, you are wonderful and bold and lovely. It was an honor to meet you. May your journey be an inspiration to many others. ONWARD, and much love, Liz

So wonderful meeting you yesterday Liz ♥ I believe in magic too : ) In 2009, you were my '4 elephants walking through New York City when I just wanted to cry in a municipal building' only you came in the form of a book. I'm doing my best to pay it forward and manifest 'magic' for myself and others. You made my year!

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