I LOVE MEETING YOU GUYS! This is a photo taken in Knoxville the other night, at my event there. During the question & answer period of the evening, this sweet young man stood up and politely introduced himself: "I am James Gooch, from your Facebook page?" Oh course I knew immediately who he was, because James is one of the bright lights in this little community we have going here, so I was thrilled to be able to put a face to the name. I get really moved when you guys show up at my events in person, after all these months of Internet communication. It just makes me happy, and I am grateful, and that's all I wanted to say….

Photos of Elizabeth Gilbert
Liz, I didn't read what you wrote in my copies of Eat, Pray, Love and SOAT until I got in my car to head back to the hotel; however, when I did read it, it made me bawl! Today, the words of wisdom you imparted to me were so heavy on my heart that I drove in tearful silence the entire four hour trip home! I love you, too, and am so grateful to have made a new friend in you! <3

via Elizabeth Gilbert’s Facebook Wall