"I find lately that you are carrying on with laughter altogether too long. I never met a truly dignified woman who honked like a goose."
— Beatrix Whittaker, scolding her daughter Alma's manners, from THE SIGNATURE OF ALL THINGS.

Well, there goes my dignity, then!

I thought you might enjoy these photos, and a lovely post from a follower of this page named Lauren Wickline McCallister about an event I did in California last year with the great writer Kelly Corrigan. The hysteria came after Kelly asked me a question on stage that made me laugh so hard I almost broke a rib. (As I recall, the question was about Alma's scenes in the "binding closet", and whether they were drawn from, er, real life experience.)

The hell with dignity, and onward with goose-honking!

And here is Lauren's piece, if you want to read it:


via Elizabeth Gilbert’s Facebook Wall