I couldn't go to bed tonight without sending love to my friends in Brazil, who just suffered the most heartbreaking World Cup loss ever.

I keep thinking about those Brazilian boys who lost the game today, and I keep worrying about how they will recover from it. Their lives will be so deeply affected by this — and now they will have to learn how to process it. They had too much pressure on their young shoulders, I think. To be expected to hold the dreams of an entire country, while playing your own soil, while competing with the legends of past Brazilian soccer heroes, while being watched by the entire world…it's all just a little bit too much. I hope those boys will be supported, not demonized. They're just kids. Mama Liz worries…

But I have to say also — congratulations to Germany! Not only for the mighty win (though you know that my marriage to a Brazilian requires me to cheer for Brazil!) but even more for the grace and good sportsmanship that kept some dignity and kindness on the field today. That really touched me. Your guys could have been jerks about this game, but they weren't. That was cool.

I know it's just a sport, but these are real people playing that game, and this truly is a World Cup of the WHOLE world. It all gets very passionate and heated, but I love the way it feels — for just a few moments every four years — like everyone on earth is thinking about the same thing. I can't help but care about it and be amazed by it. The collective human emotionality is pretty impressive, even when it's heartbreaking.


Sleep well, Brazil. We love you! Take care of those boys; they'll need it.


via Elizabeth Gilbert’s Facebook Wall