I could not resist the sweetness of this request…I'm going to do it! Join me if you wish. (And don't forget to send a postcard to YOUR grandmother, too!)


Stefani Crabtree

Odd favor, Liz. Would you think of getting the word out? I'd love to get 90 postcards to my gramma to cheer her up! FRIENDS! I have an odd favor to ask of EVERYONE! Could you please send postcards to my grandmother? She fell last week and is getting very depressed at the fact that she's 90 and many of her friends have died. She's an AMAZING woman, and loved to travel in her day. So, just tell her you know me, you were thinking of her, and wanted to send her a postcard from an interesting place! From ANYWHERE is fine! Spain to South Dakota, Nebraska to New Zealand. Details:Elizabeth Newcombe Crabtree822 Lisa Kay Dr.St. Louis, MO 63122-3128(p.s. She is originally from Vermont and misses it, so any friends who have ties there, if you could get a family member to send her a postcard that would be amazing)

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