I bow to you all this morning, my beautiful fellow nerds!

Are you, like me, someone who always asked for extra homework?

Did you lay your clothes out for school the night before?

In class, did the teacher sort of look through you every time your hand was up, and then say, "Does anyone ELSE want to answer the question?"

Were you liable, as an 8-year-old, to tell an adult, "Actually, the correct way to say it is 'I COULDN'T care less'"?

Did you never get in trouble, except for sometimes when you got caught reading in bad light?

Did you ever skip school your junior year of high school, so you could stay home and finish reading a Hemingway novel THAT WAS NOT EVEN ASSIGNED FOR CLASS?

Do you like reading books about moss?

Then you are my kind of nerd, my friend. And I bow to you.

Share your nerdiest moment here today, in honor of our supreme nerditude!


via Elizabeth Gilbert’s Facebook Wall