I am so proud of Emma Watson for this speech.

I don't know if you've all seen it yet, but it left me teary and stirred and hopeful. Please do watch it. She is launching a wonderful movement here for men and women alike.

Like Ms. Watson, I identify myself as a feminist. I use that word with absolute comfort. Even more so, I identify myself as a BENEFICIARY of feminism — along with nearly every woman in the modern Western world. There is not a single freedom in my life (political, financial, biological, vocational) that I do not owe to the work of stronger, braver, smarter women who came before me, and who cleared the path so that I could enjoy (and sometimes even take for granted) the liberties of selfhood.

My crown was paid for with their sacrifice.

I figure the least I can do in return is be grateful to those women — my heroic foremothers — and to use with pride the word they chose for themselves. So, yes, I am a feminist and always will be.

(As I said in a recent interview, "It seems rude NOT to call yourself a feminist, given what feminism delivered to us.")

To see a young woman of Emma Watson's age and stature taking a stand like this with such grace, such intelligence…well, it is deeply important and inspiring. BRAVA.

So watch this video.

And do go LIKE the Facebook page for Ms. Watson's movement: https://ift.tt/1vaCsaH

ONWARD. Onward, indeed.



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