Dear Ones –

I found this note on my iPhone last night, when I was deleting some old files. I had joted this down back when I was beginning to write THE SIGNATURE OF ALL THINGS. I had already spent almost three years doing research for the novel, and now it was time to see if I could actually build the thing.

Building things can be hard. I knew that I would be frustrated during the writing of the novel, and that I would likely disappoint myself at times. I knew also that I am capable of over-dramatizing my process, of getting swept away by the challenge, and collapsing into fear and self-pity when creativity isn't going in my favor.

So I made this vow to not turn the work into a battlefield.

Just show up and work — that was my intention. Do it with dignity and grace, and ask for divine help.

That's a lot to try to put on an iPhone note, but I think it was important!

What are you working on, everyone? And what have you promised yourself about it? Take a moment, make a vow, write a prayer. Then keep working.


via Elizabeth Gilbert’s Facebook Wall