HOORAY! A lovely review!

Dear Ones –

I just wanted to share with you these excerpts from a terrific (and starred!) review in Publisher's Weekly about my new book, "The Signature of All Things."

I'm not going to put the whole review here, because it contains some spoilers (you can google the entirety if you like) but here are some choice bits that made me smile:

"After 13 years as a memoirist, Elizabeth Gilbert (Eat, Pray, Love) has returned to fiction, and clearly she’s reveling in all its pleasures and possibilities. The Signature of All Things is a big, old-fashioned story that spans continents and a century. It has an omniscient narrator who can deploy (never heavy-handedly) a significant amount of research into the interconnected fields of late 18th- and early 19th-century botany, botanical drawing, spiritual inquiry, exploration, and, eventually, the development of the theory of evolution… In more detail, the story follows Henry’s daughter, Alma. Born in 1800, Alma learns Latin and Greek, understands the natural world, and reads everything in sight. Despite her wealth and education, Alma is a woman, and a plain one at that, two facts that circumscribe her opportunities…. Characters crisscross the world to make money, to learn, and, in Alma’s case, to understand not just science but herself….Alma is a prodigy, but Gilbert doesn’t cheat: her life is unlikely but not impossible, and for readers traveling with Henry from England to the Andes to Philadelphia, and then with Alma from Philadelphia to Tahiti to Holland, there is much pleasure in this unhurried, sympathetic, intelligent novel by an author confident in her material and her form."

HOT DOG! Thank you, PW!

And if any of you dear readers out there would like to pre-order this (ahem) "unhurried, sympathetic and intelligent novel", you made do so right here, my friends:


Order today! The book comes out October 1, but, as they say on Game of Thrones, "AUTUMN IS COMING". (Or something like that.)


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