Hey New Jersey!

Hi to all my fellow Jersey Girls (and Jersey boys).

Just a quick note to encourage you to VOTE YES on Ballot Measure #2 tomorrow, to support funding for open spaces and land conservation in the Garden State!

We New Jerseyans take a lot of flak from the rest of the world, who think our state is all Turnpike and toxic waste dumps. But we know better. I live here for a reason – it’s pretty freaking, awesomely beautiful. I cannot imagine life without the mighty Delaware River flowing by my doorstep. And I know that gorgeous parks and clean rivers and wonderful wildlife management areas, trails and public beaches don’t just magically appear. They exist because we support them.

And right now, the state’s out of money for this.

This ballot measure is an opportunity for all of us to say “heck, yeah, please take 4% of the EXISTING corporate business tax – the tax that corporations already pay – and direct it to open space, farmland and historic preservation”. Our taxes don’t go up a bit

So let's join the over 180 environmental, farmland, recreational, hunting/fishing, outdoorsy organizations who support this measure!

Don't forget to vote!


via Elizabeth Gilbert’s Facebook Wall